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Wheeless: ‘Support your local businesses’

Wheeless: ‘Support your local businesses’


County Judge spreads message of support for area retailers, businesses during pandemic


Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless has been front-and-center during the coronavirus pandemic, keeping county residents updated with important information for the past several weeks.

Now, Wheeless is turning his attention to another part of the community that is being hit hard by the pandemic: local businesses.

“Our citizens and our local businesses are suffering as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19),” said Wheeless. “The governor has ordered large gatherings (over 10) to cease and for restaurants to no longer allow people to dine-in.”

The economic impact has been immediate.

“All of our business owners are doing everything they can to create ways to continue operating,” said Wheeless. “From mercantile to restaurants and other types of businesses, I’ve been impressed with the ideas they are using to survive and not lay off employees.”

While the pandemic is widespread, smaller communities are feeling the crunch of lost business right alongside larger cities.

“Small local businesses are the backbone of America and without them, communities won’t survive,” said Wheeless. “These are the same businesses we always depend on to support our functions and during this difficult time, we need to support them.”

While stressing the need to stay safe, Wheeless also asked residents to think local when making purchasing decisions. On Wednesday, he made a plea to the community.



Shop local and support Crittenden County businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. County Judge Woody Wheeless is spearheading an initiative to keep the local economy going.

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“I know our county and I know we are strong and committed and united in the fight against this virus,” said Wheeless. “So tonight, I’m reaching out to all of our great citizens and asking that we show the businesses how much we appreciate them being in our communities.”

With that, Wheeless announced a “Crittenden County Residents Supporting Local Businesses” initiative.

“I encourage everyone to call our great local businesses and show support by placing an order and spending a few dollars with them,” said Wheeless. “Most of our local business owners are our neighbors and friends. This can be done at home or without you having to get out of your vehicle. Many businesses are willing to deliver to you.”

It’s a simple idea that could have a big positive impact.

“If you purchase something from a business this weekend, please post a picture on social media and show your love and support,” said Wheeless. “I love our county and I love all of you. Together we are stronger! Together we will survive!”

Many businesses are shifting their operations to keep going during the coronavirus crisis, and Wheeless offered a message of hope and determination.

“God Bless each and everyone of you,” said the judge.

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