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To ‘black and white’ thinkers: Consider the ‘gray’ areas

To ‘black and white’ thinkers: Consider the ‘gray’ areas


People must understand that nothing in this world is truly black or white.There is a pure black as well as a pure white, obviously, with crayons and markers.

However, when it comes to thinking is black thinking better than white thinking?

Thinking only black or white can be considered bias because each party will only consider and support their view.

This statement applies to politics, ethics, religion, or anything people could have a debate about. In this complex world, people should attempt to simplify issues by admitting that there could be a gray area.

Having thinking categories does have its benefits. It makes complex topics simpler to discuss and easier to understand. However, categorizing often leads to people acquiring the black or white mentality, assuming that there are only two opinions to choose from in every situation.

Some categories actually have a shade of gray. To see the world in black or white is another way to divide the world. Black or white thinkers are often challenging each other with addressing issues and policies, they will be either a strong supporter or strong opposer, but there are also some people who will be in the gray area because they don’t know where they stand on the issue.

Simply asking someone what political party they are a part of could show a gray area if they agree with some Democratic ideas and some Republican, it’s not a simple answer. Saying “I am a Democrat,” often leads people to assume that you agree with every single Democratic belief unless you tell them otherwise.

To continue to categorize people seems easier and it’s been done for years. Categorizing political thinkers will continue as long as society have political debates or any other discussion, the black or white thinker feel so strongly about their opinion that they forget that it is an opinion. The difference between fact and opinion should seem obvious, but many people appear to forget that these aren’t synonymous when talking about controversial issues.

Personal views are not the correct views. In fact, there is not one correct opinion for anything. Democrats and Republicans are the two major political parties in the United States, is a true statement. “Republicans are completely correct in every aspect of politics,” is an opinion. Even if an opinion seems completely justified to some, it’s still just an opinion. To be a black or white thinker is expressing certainty of the debated subject, unlike gray thinkers which will debate both sides of the subject.

No matter where you go, who you hang out with, or what you say, people will disagree with you. There are probably some of you reading this who disagree with the statement that most decisions aren’t simple. Thinking “gray” will open the minds to more viewpoints about issues that may not have been considered before. It is certain that through years and years of experience one’s opinion and beliefs will have a major impact on the worldview of information provided to a black or white thinker.

Thinking in black or white could be a set up for most people because they are so focused on being right and end up doing nothing at all to help the situation.

People should understand that everything in politics cannot be seen in only two colors. It is always best to know why you are thinking black or white. Does thinking black or white make you right and the other party wrong?

Are you a black, white, Or gray thinker?

Sherry Holliman is a concerned citizen of Crittenden County and has some views on a variety of topics that she wants to share with her neighbors. She serves on the Marion City Council.

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