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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

The chicken sandwich that sold out at Popeye’s this summer is back at the store in West Memphis, but they haven’t said anything yet.

It comes in Classic (Mild) or Spicy. I got one Sunday at 10:45 a.m. There were no cars in line ordering.

[Editor’s Note: Man, what is it about these chicken sandwiches. Popeye’s has certainly gotten some publicity lately, but not all of it has been good. Did you hear about the customer that got body-slammed.

There have been numerous incidents of violence.

I mean, Popeye’s is pretty good, but not “getting stabbed” good]

*** Another screwed up puzzle. What’s going on? [Editor’s Note: So, I argued with a woman on the phone for 15 minutes about the crossword puzzle the other day, convinced that she was completely wrong… buuuuut, it wasn’t until I began working the puzzle that I realized what had happened. In cutting and pasting the puzzle, the last part of the clue list was from another puzzle.

And it turned out that had been happening for a few days. So, despite our best efforts to make sure the puzzles were right, they were messed up… again…

for several days. Believe me when I say people let us know. I’m only running this one text about it, but I assure you there were many, but we couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on. Now we have. So, I am fully convinced we have sorted out the puzzle…

um, puzzle. Apologies all around]

*** People that voted for medical marijuana thought it meant for severe pain relief & would be administered by patient’s doctor. Arkansas voters Did Not Vote to legalize marijuana for border states. Why all the Marijuana Clinics?? [Editor’s Note: From what I can put together here, what you ended up with is that the rise in medical marijuana coincided almost perfectly with the rapid decline in prescriptions for opioids. As a result, the demand for medical marijuana skyrocketed right about the time opioids were being drastically cut. It’s certainly quite a coincidence, isn’t it? And don’t you worry, the next initiative will be for the de-criminalization of marijuana in Arkansas.

The paperwork is already being drawn up, I assure you]

*** Frank Martin should absolutely be ashamed of what he has done to the citizens of West Memphis who pay his salary. It is appalling to say the least. Having known him since being a teenager I would never have thought he would jeopardize his integrity like this. I am glad to know that some of our city politicians are upset with him, rightfully so and should be upset as well with Tracy Catt as well. Can’t wait to see some of our city politicians who allowed him to get away with this get ousted out of office as soon as possible, especially, Mr. Martin. The Good Old Boys have taken over West Memphis it seems.

Let’s stop the shenanigans before us peons are all in poverty. [Editor’s Note: I’m always willing to levy criticism where criticism is due, especially when it comes to public officials, so what, exactly are you talking about here? I know Mr. Martin is the elected city treasurer and the appointed city finance director, but his actual ability to set policy is very limited. Also, since you mentioned that you “pay his salary,” you might not know that he does not, in fact, collect the salary for being city treasurer. Anyway, having had a professional relationship with both Mr. Martin and Mr. Catt, I feel pretty confident that they have West Memphis and its people’s interests at heart. Mr.

Martin practically bleeds “Blue Devil blue,” so I really am interested in what you are referencing here.

And who, exactly, are these “Good Old Boys” anyway? I always hear about them, but I never get names. Are there any openings? I’m available! It sounds fun]

*** It’s Veterans Day, and it’s time to check our flags! I don’t want to call anybody out (cough… Regions on Broadway… cough) but let’s go out and take a look. Thanks! [Editor’s Note: Yes, especially since the harsh winter winds whipped through recently, and winter is on its way. If your flag is torn or tattered, please replace it or at least take it down!]

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