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Now that Marion Schools have extra money, maybe they can hire a new webmaster. How hard would it be to sumply put a supplies list on the site instead of directing you to some other site? [Editor’s Note: I dunno. As a side note “webmaster” is about the coolest job title I can think of.

Maybe I’ll change my title to “newsmaster” or something. I think this shows how we’ve gotten kind of soft. I remember when my boys were in grade school how awesome it was that you could go to the little kiosk in Walmart and grab a sheet of paper with all the supplies on it. Before that, you used to have to wait until the first day of school and get a supply list from your teachers. Then it was like Mad Max as parents and kids scrambled to find the last protractor or package of colored pencils that afternoon! So, I guess what I’m saying is that maybe having to go from one web site to another sounds like an inconvenience, but maybe we should be thankful for how far we’ve come… I still remember the scavenger hunts for those colored folders… they had to be the RIGHT color, WITH the pockets, AND the three metal clasps in the middle!!!]

*** FINALLY – something in the Times about the 3 firefighters who mowed Mr. Nixon’s yard and were recognized by the city for this. What took you so long? This should have been reported on the front page of the paper, not in a small picture and small writeup on the second page 3 months after it happened. Channel 5 News interviewed the 3 firefighters and Mr. Nixon on the air the day it happened and also reported on the air about the recognition by the city on the day that happened. [ Editor’s Note: Clearly this is a story that is near and dear to your heart, so I won’t try to argue the “front-page worthiness” of it with you, but I will say, we don’t and simply can’t compete with Memphis news stations. That was Action News 5’s story. One of their many staff reporters went out and made that a news story, just like we go out and find news stories that the Memphis news doesn’t have. We reported the firefighters receiving recognition because it happened at a West Memphis City Council meeting.

We don’t follow behind the Memphis news picking up on their stories. We produce our own content, like say a piece on the J.W.

Rich Girls Club holding a community jamboree, or the Junior Auxiliary holding a back-to-school party.

It was a nice story, but it wasn’t our story. And that’s OK. We do stuff you won’t see on the Memphis news, and the Memphis news does stuff you won’t see in the paper. There is some overlap, but that’s just how the news works. And while we do put breaking news online as soon as possible (such as the front-page story in today’s paper that we broke as it happened on Thursday afternoon), we’re always going to be a step behind by nature of being a print publication rather than a smart-phone app.]

*** What makes no sense to me is that folks can spend a billion dollars at the casino but can’t pay for their own groceries or clothes for their kids. What are really doing here? [Editor’s Note: There’s no way to actually have accurate numbers here, but a huge chunk of that “billion dollars” comes from the other side of the river or outside of Crittenden County. Now, having said that, my son (who is in his second year of law school, so you know he’s all enlightened and such these days) actually gave me a pretty compelling argument about why gambling should be illegal, because it helps to perpetuate poverty by tempting poor people with the false hope of getting rich quick.

I countered by saying that no one is forcing them to gamble and mentioned that his education was funded in part by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery program, but he did raise some good points, especially when there are definitely folks who get paid on Friday and are broke by Sunday because they “put it all on red” at the roulette table or whatever. I guess it’s like any other temptation, where like they say, “know when to stop before you start,” but that’s easier said than done. You could make the argument that gambling should be illegal, along with alcohol and tobacco and Chip’s Ahoy cookies, but it ain’t gonna happen]

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