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First responders get stroke victim training

First responders get stroke victim training


Dr. Hashmi offers valuable lifesaving info to paramedics, ambulance services

Dr. Shakeb Hashmi was at the Schoettle Center last week imparting his wisdom on a group of emergency responders concerning stroke victims.

Dr. Hashmi made his return to West Memphis last summer to open an Urgent Care facility, which he now operates at 710 N. Missouri St. in West Memphis.

Members of the West Memphis police and fire department, as well as members of local private ambulance services, were in attendance.

Hashmi, M.D. is a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Hashmi has been a site medical director, regional medical director, and vice president clinical affairs with top emergency medicine providers in USA including EmCare, Schumacher group, HPP, and WCGTX. Dr. Hashmi was the medical director of Crittenden Regional Hospital emergency department and all it’s affiliated clinics before he moved to Texas in 2013. His wife Sara Hashmi is a practicing pharmacist(Pharm D) and a healthcare attorney(JD).

He is now a vital part of the medical staff at the new Baptist Hospital-Crittenden, since it opened last December.

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