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Strong Wnds & Heavy Rains


Strong Wnds & Heavy Rains

By John Criner

Times Outdoors Columnist It is hard to control a boat with the wind pushing you out of the honey hole, and besides, it’s very dangerous going across open water in big lakes like Horseshoe and Wapanocca. Hard rains are not dangerous, unless they are accompanied by lighting, but they can sure be uncomfortable. It seems like even a good rain suit lets water in. We have had our share of both wind and rain this spring.

According to the weather man, we are about eight inches above normal rain fall.

For the next month or so, this is prime time for fishing. The bream are getting on the bed and love to attack a jig or cricket, while the crappie are still spawning and love jigs and minnows. Bass fishermen claim that bass are very moody. They hit everything thrown at them and the next hour refuse to bite anything that’s in the tackle box. Good ole catfish are always agreeable and will eat anything from hot dogs and live bait to stink baits.

All you have to do is find them. They are hungry.

Horseshoe is very good back in the woods for both bream and crappie around the trees in about 3 feet of water. Both will hit the same jigs, but the bream prefer a cricket or worm.

Bass are starting to be taken in the lilly pad stems and also in the woods. The trick is getting across the rough water to get into the cypress. Wapanocca is easier to handle with a lot of trees to block the wind. Bass are the hot number right now with the bream starting on the beds.

Crappie fishing has slowed down, but the ones being caught, are very large.

Tilden Rodgers Lake needs a stocking, but on a given day, the fishing for catfish and bream can be very good.

Angels Way Baptist Church is not sponsoring the kids fishing rodeo this year, but the Arkansas Game & Fish will be having Family Fun Day on Saturday, June 1. This was a hit last year with BB gun shooting, archery range, fish cooking, and the very popular canoe boating on the lake. This is a great time to visit and get to know our game wardens and their families. The lake will be restocked with catfish and large bream just for this event and there will be prizes for the kids.

Papa Duck will have more details about the even soon.

The Wild Game Sportsman Club that Papa Duck belongs to, for years met at Uncle John’s in Crawfordsville, but last year it burned. We were fortunate that Hilda and Johnny Phillips, along with Sarah Hylle opened Wyatt’s Cafe just a block from the burned restaurant. The food has been outstanding and the service is wonderful. They opened June 25 to the public serving plate lunches.

They are now open every day except Sunday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Starting this week, the café will be open till 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday servicing dinner or supper, which ever you call it.

Thursday night will be Italian foods like spaghetti and lasagna. Friday night will be fish night and just having their fish last week, it is very good and the slaw is wonderful. Saturday night is steak night with different cuts of choice beef. The restaurant can seat about 150 people. It has been remodeled and is very clean and comfortable. If they make some of the wild game delicious, the regular food will be outstanding. The café is at 5499 Main, across from the city hall in Crawfordsville. It is well worth the drive.

Calling all you crappie fishermen who think you are good and would like to make $1000 while catching only 7 BIG crappie!

The 1 st Horseshoe Lake Crappie Tournament will be Saturday, May 18. The fee is $150 per two man boat with first prize being $ 1000 for the heaviest seven fish and $500 for the biggest crappie. There is no bank fishing and each boat is limited to eight poles along with a 10 inch minimum size for the fish.. Blast off is at 6:30 a.m. and fishermen must be in by 3 p.m. For more information and details, call Ronnie Tice 901-6876800. By the way, Ronnie is Master of Ceremonies and will not fish in the tournament.

Fishing is good, so show that kid how good both a fisherman and a teacher you are. It’s also time to teach the kids how to clean game. Send pictures and stories along with questions to Andy the Game Warden. It’s better to ask Andy than have Judge Thorne explain it to you in court! Occasionally we all catch an outstanding fish like the eight pound bass, the three pound crappie, or one+ pound bream. If you do not plan on mounting the fish, and Lakeside encourages you to do so, turn the fish back into the water. Papa Duck believes in genetics, big fish produce big fish. This monster fish was probably a female, so let her grow more big fish.

Replicas can be made and they look authentic, but at a higher cost. Lakeside Taxidermy appreciates mounting your trophies at a reasonable price with quick service, and returning to you a beautiful mount.

Papa Duck Lakeside Taxidermy 870-732-0455 or 901482-3430

HudsorfMckewin (left) had his first try at fly-fishing last weekend and landed an nice bass, while fishing with his Granddad at Bear Creek. Meanwhile, Jaiden Robinson (right), an 11 year-old who attends Weaver Elementary, was trying his luck out a Tllden Rodgers Park In West Memphis.

Young Anglers

Photos by John Criner

New Clubhouse

The new home of the Wild Game Sportsman Club that Papa Duck belongs to, Wyatt’s Cafe In Crawfordsville. Wyatt’s replaces long-time home for the club, Uncle John’s, which unfortunately burned down.

Wetting a Hook

Charles Williams, a disabled vet from West Memphis, was out at Tilden Rodgers Park over the weekend doing a little bank fishing.

Photo by John Criner

John Criner

Photo by John Criner

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